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Project Information Modeling (PIM)
Project Information Modeling (PIM) is the development of technologies to comprehensively and accurately model real estate projects.  The purpose is to increase the accuracy of real estate models for predicting future outcomes.  Project Information Modeling builds on the success that Building Information Modeling (BIM) has achieved in design and construction, by including the social and business aspects that define human engagement with real estate.
International PIM Standard
The International PIM Standard develops open standards for best practices in the development and use of Project Information Modeling.  Open PIM standards are designed to create best practices for Project Information Modeling to help promote technological advancement within the real estate development industry.  Technological advancement that is specifically aimed at creating more accurate models for planning, designing, building, financing, and managing real estate.

The International PIM Standard was created to address the challenge of creating accurate models for information management within the antiquated and fragmented real estate industry.  Real estate professionals like brokers, architects, engineers, contractors, managers, and owners create a lot of valuable information that is often underutilized and locked in data silos.  Emergent data science technologies can allow that information to be shared in ways that improve quality, accuracy, and predictability of projects.

To implement technologies that can combine and model project information, the International PIM Standard is working to specify how data is structured and shared across the real estate industry.  Best practices and standardization can allow real estate professionals to access compatible tools that facilitate the increased exchange and utilization of information.  iPIMs is focused on developing those standards.

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